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International Gas Detectors (IGD) are today proud to announce our new partnership with Vestteknikk, Norway’s largest supplier of safety equipment. This partnership further extends IGD’s global distributor and partner network. This union enables IGD and Vestteknikk to promote and provide access to IGD’s leading addressable gas detection technology to the Norwegian market.

This strategic partnership will address and provide a solution for the availability of advanced addressable gas detection equipment in the region. The union demonstrates the growing trend in the industry for more intelligent and flexible gas monitoring equipment while reducing the cost for the end-user; something dated analogue systems cannot provide.

Vestteknikk can now utilise IGD’s cutting edge addressable gas detection technology and leverage IGD’s expertise to provide their clients with market-leading technology and over 100 years of gas detection experience. This also enables IGD to build a wider audience and distributor network, providing access to our fixed gas detection technology on a more global scale.

CEO of Vestteknikk, Geir Magne Årvik comments on this new distributor agreement:

One of the strengths of being an independent supplier is the ability to build relationships with the manufacturers who are leaders in technology in their fields. That way we can provide the best solutions for our customers in each product category. For that reason, we are looking forward to working closely with IGD on fixed gas detection for the onshore market. We strongly believe that the 2-Wire addressable gas detection system is the future within fixed gas detection.”

Some of the key benefits of this new partnership include.

  • Market-leading 2-Wire Addressable gas detection equipment for the Norwegian market.
  • Local support from Vestteknikk in the Norwegian market. IGD has provided full training and demonstration equipment to enable Vestteknikk to provide full turnkey project support and aftersales services.
  • Providing Vestteknikk with an extensive and diverse range of gas detection equipment. Including fixed sensors for over 400 gases and vapours including our market-leading long-life sensor technology.
  • Providing the Norwegian market access to IoT enabled gas monitoring equipment

Change in Market for IoT Enabled Gas Detectors

In addition, this partnership further demonstrates the change in the market for addressable gas detection equipment over dated analogue devices. Addressing the demand from users for more IoT [Internet of Things] capable fixed gas detection. IGD’s 2-Wire Addressable gas monitoring system is the perfect solution for addressing these needs. Utilising IGD’s ground-breaking Sentinel+ technology, users can now leverage more information from the system via a range of apps. Users can now also integrate their gas detection into larger site-wide building management systems, cloud-based monitoring, remote monitoring systems, and email/text alerts, adding more flexibility for clients.

Pictured: Typical small laboratory gas detection system, using IGD’s leading 2-Wire 750 addressable gas detection system.

IGD’s technology makes use of both power and communication over the same capable pair with detectors interconnect via radial cable. This reduces cable costs by at least 70% compared to what is currently on the market for fixed equipment. Read our article here that discusses all the benefits of our ground-breaking technology.

Colin Peake – Sales Director of IGD, with over 35 years of experience and knowledge in the gas detection industry, comments:

We are delighted to be partnering with Vesteknikk for not just the promotion of our exciting innovative addressable gas detection systems but also their expertise in the safety industry. As a leading safety supplier and well-respected brand in Norway, they are the perfect fit for our global partner network. Our continued growth reflects the markets need for innovation. IGD is a global leader in both gas detection and innovative gas sensing technologies. As a company, we will be looking to further increase our presence in the gas detection market with the planned launch of further control & sensing technologies.

The partnership with Vesteknikk is one piece of our support and promotion jigsaw ensuring that we now have representation from a strong mix of both specialist and broad-line partners. Thus fulfilling both the client’s needs and the requirement for more IoT enabled fixed gas detection systems”.

IGD looks forward to working closely with Vestteknikk in the coming years. Supporting them in growing their expertise and the IGD brand locally in Norway. In summary this new partnership also further emphasises the need for more intelligent addressable gas detection equipment in the gas detection market. This is something IGD is more than capable of providing, being leading designers and manufacturers of cutting-edge gas monitoring systems, with their new 2-Wire Addressable systems and Sentinel+ communication protocol.

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