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Interactive Tool Helps Workers With Vehicle Safety

New platform has all information about risks at work in connection with vehicles

Electronic guide VeSafe is an interactive tool in which you can find all information about risks at work in connection with vehicles and examples of good practice relating to the priority areas of interest. It deals with issues of safe driving, transportation to work and work on the road or in its vicinity. It is available for free and in various languages, incl. Czech, easy to use and the information can be filtered by type of risk or vehicle. You can eg. Choose:

  • Type of transport / vehicle: van, car, truck, bus, bicycle etc.
  • Risk: delivery, loading, maintenance, physical risks etc.
  • Area Job: safe driving within driving work, on the road or in its vicinity, and traffic safety and transportation to the workplace.

Guide focuses on drivers / employees, employers and safety professionals in all sectors in the EU who want to learn more about the risks related to transportation. Injuries associated with vehicles represent 29% of all fatal work injuries. Whether you are an employee, employer or an expert OSH, should the electronic guide VeSafe definitely familiar. Guide developed EU-OSHA in cooperation with the European Commission.

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Interactive Tool Helps Workers With Vehicle Safety
By Czech Focal Point for Health and Safety