In the world crisis of COVID-19, we noticed frontline operators were equipped with either gown, coverall or both during their infection control processes such as clinical assessment, safety screening or rapid diagnostic tests. As an action-led protective clothing manufacturer powered by communications, during the guiding process for users to select appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we found out people might not understand the difference between Gown and Coverall that well.

These two can be further differentiated according to global regulations, product designs and protected area coverage. US Standard and EU Standard Comparison Chart During the Covid-19 period, as it is an infectious human-to-human transmission disease, most inquiries were specified to AAMI PB 70 or EN 13795 for Gown, and EN ISO 13688 for Coverall with EN 14126 certification against infective agents. These criteria are classifications based on US Standard and EU Standard which listed as the following:
 Table 1:  US Standard and EU Standard for Gown and Coverall