Life is too short to live solely for the weekend, wishing away the working week. Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the case for Hans Alfter, appointed as Bullard’s Managing Director for Germany and General Manager for Europe in April 2019, who is finding his new role an absolute pleasure. 

Bullard’s MD Hans Alfter.

Having spent years working in the medical field Hans Alfter is somewhat of a newcomer to the Industrial Safety market, but with several executive level positions already under his belt it was a perfect transition, with Bullard’s ethos drawing him to the company.

Alfter said: “Bullard is all about quality and innovation, as well as about caring for the community.” Family owned for five generations, Alfter said there’s a real feeling of family in the workplace, adding: “We also have a skilful team that can thrive due to professional and social competencies.”

That community, family spirit is particularly poignant to Alfter, since Bullard Europe is actually based in his home district of Ahrweiler. He added: “It is great to fuel the local economy with our company’s success.”

And this success – with Alfter at the helm – looks set to continue, not least because growing businesses and entering markets have always been amongst his biggest competencies. And there are certainly big plans to grow the business. This is especially the case for Europe, with plans already underway to grow the European sector by investing further into Remagen, which in the last 12 months has seen staffing double in the town.

It’s a very exciting time to be a part of the Bullard family, since this year the company celebrates 100 years of head protection. Alfter said:

“As the inventor of the Hard Boiled® Hat – the first hard hat – we have a huge history in Industrial PPE.”

It has been a century since Bullard launched its legendary Hard Boiled® Hat, effectively inventing safety before safety was even a mandated requirement.

Alfter said he has always aspired to working in a challenging and innovative environment, stretching his abilities so as to exercise his analytical thinking – and that his current job satisfies all this and more.

In charge of happy, healthy and safe workplaces – what more can you ask for?

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