Haagh Protection BV Manufacturing Safety Pallet Gates

Devices meant for safeguarding people working around open loading areas between different floor levels. In this niche market Haagh Protection is able to provide solutions for the most complicated transport situations.

Recently Haagh Protection introduced the completely overhauled barrier-gate, Variogate 180.

Haagh Protection BV Manufacturing Safety Pallet Gates

The basic operation principle of this gate is rather simple. The system consist of two barriers installed opposite of each other with a loading space in between. Once you pull one of the barriers upwards a mechanical connection to the opposite barrier pushes this barrier in the downward position, and vice versa. This makes it possible to safely put pallets etc. on a the edge of the platform floor because the opening is always closed with a barrier.

Depending on the width of loads that are regularly moved in the specific situation, the gates are made in the required width. This however can cause two problems, that have been solved:

The wider a Variogate is to be made, the more installation height is needed for the safety barriers once you put it in the upward position. The solution found is that the barrier moved upward automatically retracts, so less installation height is needed. Once moved downward the barrier automatically extends to its original length.

A second issue could be the weight as it is operated manually. The bigger the system, the heavier it will become. Even when the two barriers opposite of each other are counterbalanced during operations. A unique gas-spring supported system makes the system very light to operate.

Due to his construction this Variogate 180 barrier gate is a perfect solution in situations where the platform edge is closed with a door (sliding-, swing- or overheaddoor) or for situations where goods are transported with an overhead crane or tackle. The system also does not lay any restrictions to the height of a load.

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