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Explore Risk Assessments at HAZARDS 28

Join Bureau Veritas at IChemE’s Hazards 28 Conference from 15-17 May

Join Bureau Veritas at the IChemE’s Hazards 28 Conference in Edinburgh from 15-17 May, where Livia Cardoso Silveira from our Risk and Safety team will be delivering a presentation on safety assessments and management systems.

Hazards, which was first staged in 1960, is held annually in the UK and widely recognised as Europe’s leading process safety event. It brings together invited keynote speakers from the industry, as well as a trade exhibition of process safety related products and services.

Livia Silveira, Risk and Safety Engineer at Bureau Veritas has worked in the industry for five years demonstrating her expertise, insight and technical capabilities over that time by delivering consultancy services to some of the biggest names in oil and gas.

She will be presenting a paper, jointly written with her colleague Fillipe Dobbin Caruso (Senior Risk and Safety Engineer), titled: Implementing Safety Assessments and Management Systems – a Parallel Between High and Non-High Hazard Industries, on Wednesday 16 May.

Livia said: “Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment studies, such as HAZOP, HAZID and FMEA, among many others, are used widely across the high-hazard industry, driving safety and operational excellence. There are specific regulations for high-hazard industries that require these studies in order to demonstrate effective management of safety risks.

“However less hazardous, smaller scale industries - those not governed by COMAH, for example – are not necessarily required to undertake such a rigorous approach to managing safety. Organisations in this case are generally less aware of the advantages and potential benefits of a structured, systematic and rigorous approach to managing safety - but there are some valuable learnings to be shared.

“I’m looking forward to exploring this topic and highlighting the opportunities when the various elements of safety, including the numerous safety assessments that may be undertaken by an organisation, are not managed in isolation but embedded into a comprehensive and integrated safety management framework, and above all exploring how the experience from managing safety in a high-hazard industry can be transferred to a non-hazard one.”

Hazards 28 runs from 15–17 May 2018 at the EICC in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Session timings:

Wednesday 16 May 2018 - 16:15 – 16:45


Presentation by Livia Cardoso Silveira & Fillipe Dobbin Caruso

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