Pulsar Instruments, noise measurement experts for over 50 years, have specially designed a budget friendly professional grade sound level meter – the Pulsar Nova – for easy environmental and construction site noise measurements.

Specifically, the Pulsar Nova allows the user to easily assess and manage noise levels, helping them identify the exact frequency of noise emitted as well as background noise levels. The meter also includes several timer options so you can make sure you are taking compliant noise measurements day, evening or night. 

An additional outdoor weatherproof and dustproof noise measurement kit is available with rechargeable internal batteries so you can monitor noise levels over longer periods anywhere you choose. The Pulsar Nova comes with the outstanding Pulsar AnalyzerPlus software for quick analysis of noise measurement data.

Key features of the Pulsar Nova

  • Meets international standards including IEC 61672-1:2013
  • Takes simultaneous measurements of all key noise parameters
  • Includes real time 1:1 octave band filters
  • Gives LAeq, CPeak, LCeq, Ln, TWA/dose, Time History and more
  • Measures 20dB(A) to 140dB(A) & 143dB(C) range
  • Offers Audio recording and several timer options
  • Shows data clearly on a high definition OLED screen
  • Has a long battery life and large internal memory
  • Additional weatherproof outdoor noise measurement kit available.

Visit: www.pulsarinstruments.com

Email: [email protected]