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EMF Safety Offensive

Attractive measuring device packages from Narda

Narda Safety Test Solutions has put together two powerful measuring equipment packages for reliable safety measurements in electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are really special in many respects.

Flexible, yet tailor-made for practically any application or requirement; one targeted specifically for environmental protection and the other especially for health and safety at work. Both utilize the practical advantages of the highest technological standards. And the price of both these Power Packages, each comprising a device for low frequencies and one for high frequencies as well as a high frequency probe, could hardly be better: Narda, the RF measurement technology specialist is offering discounts of up to 25% for its latest EMF safety offensive.

The Narda EMF Environment Package comprising EHP-50F and NBM-550 – equipped with your choice of high frequency probe

When a test technician is asked to take a closer look at the human safety in electromagnetic fields, there can be plenty of surprises. There is often a great deal of difference between the description of a subjectively perceived problem and the reality in terms of on-site measurement. It is therefore a good thing if the test expert a test kit that contains all the measuring equipment that is needed to make an indisputable, standard-compliant assessment of every EMF exposure level present. Each of these new intelligently compiled EMF Packages is designed to cover every eventuality in both environmental and occupational safety.

For the Environmental Package, the lineup consists of the Field Analyzer EHP, the NBM (Narda Broadband Field Meter) and a choice of high frequency probe. This choice is available for both packages. Together with the selected probe, the special Occupational Package includes an ELT (Exposure Level Tester) and the NBM. Users of these Narda combined packages gain the advantage of much more than the high quality of the individual components. Together, the devices represent a clear bonus in terms of efficiency and flexibility. Some equipment frequently changes its operating state, which often means that long-term measurements are needed for assessment. For example, the output power of base stations changes every millisecond. And current only flows in a welding machine at the exact moment that the weld is being made. Depending on the actual situation, the test technician can use one instrument to make a long-term measurement in order to detect the maximum value, while at the same time using the other device to make a different measurement. That saves valuable time, and can actually be an additional source of income.

The individual components

Narda’s compact Field Analyzer EHP-50F for measuring extremely low frequency (ELF) electric and magnetic fields and the ELT-400 for capturing magnetic fields both operate in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 400 kHz. The NBM-550 measures from 100 kHz to 90 GHz using its various freely selectable high frequency probes. Both Power Packages can be complemented by the Magnetometer HP-01 from the Narda range to close the small gap from 0 to 1 Hz. The Environmental and Occupational Packages are both supplied in practical carrying cases.

The Narda EMF Occupational Package comprising ELT-400 and NBM-550 – equipped with your choice of high frequency probe


Each separate component represents the optimum and therefore the safest method of determining electromagnetic fields in terms of measurement. Technicians only need some basic knowledge of the physical properties of electromagnetic fields, such as how they propagate. Otherwise the technique is simple: switch on and measure. All the measuring devices are thus able to display the results as a percentage of the limit value. In Narda instruments, this is done automatically, for example with the so-called weighted peak measurement method, where the input signal is evaluated according to the applicable standard with no further action required on the part of the technician. The same effect is achieved with Narda’s Shaped Probes, which are particularly suitable for demonstrating compliance with personal safety limit values in multi-frequency environments. Narda is the only manufacturer in the world with this Shaped Probe technology.

General Public – the EMF Environmental Package

The combination of the EHP, NBM and your choice of high frequency probe that makes up the Environmental Package is the logical result from the positive feedback from satisfied users of an existing package. Narda has optimized the package by giving a free choice of probe for the NBM in response to suggestions made by users during discussions. Customers in the field of environmental protection, such as government authorities and service providers, are often faced with the challenge of investigating high tension overhead cables or cellular network base stations. The measurement of the electric field strength is mandatory for such tests. A practical example of how the Environmental Package can show its strength could be that the EHP is used to autonomously make a long-term measurement on an overhead power cable run while a technician is using the NBM to check out a base station from the balcony of the home of a concerned resident.

Occupational – the EMF Occupational Package

In the industrial setting, however, only very few applications require the measurement of low frequency fields, since measurement technicians here are almost certainly not going to be concerned with high tension cables. In 99 % of cases, just measuring the magnetic field will be enough. For this reason, Narda has now included the ELT in the package specifically for occupational safety. This device only measures the magnetic field, which is all that is required. The big advantage of the Occupational Package could be described as follows:

EMFs occur in practically all industrial areas, e.g. welding, or drying, bonding or coating. Equipment that constantly changes its operating state, such as welding plant, often needs long-term monitoring.

While the NBM autonomously performs a long-term measurement on a high frequency drying system, the measurement technician can use the ELT to assess the field situation around some switchgear at the same time.


The rapid growth in data rates that are transmitted by radio using the available frequency bands has resulted in ever increasing signal densities in our environment. And with regard to health and safety at work, the EMF Guideline (Workers’ Directive) has been legally binding in Europe since July 1, 2016. Since then, companies have been obliged to make demonstrably suitable EMF safety measurements to protect their workforces, and to initiate protective measures where necessary. As the world’s leading supplier of high-quality RF measurement solutions, Narda has kept abreast of this development and the resultant increased demand for safety measurement equipment with these two well thought out EMF Power Packages.

Top Image: Environmental protection means that authorities and service providers have to check high tension cables. Measurement of the electric field strength is mandatory here, for which the EHP from Narda is the ideal device.

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