EDC Folding Knife Brings Safety to Every Day Carry

Sleek, Modern, Sturdy—and Safe


The Slice® 10495 EDC Folding Knife introduces the Every Day Carry (EDC) community to a compact powerhouse, weighted for stability and ready for anything. We know that EDC enthusiasts are a discerning crowd: they expect utility, durability, portability and craftsmanship. With Slice’s folding knives, they get all of these features—and they also get a safer blade.

Like our popular 10562 Folding Utility Knife, the new EDC Folding Knife offers our proprietary finger-friendly® blade. Its unique edge is ground by hand on a diamond wheel to create a blade that’s effective and safe to the touch. When our patent-pending process is applied to advanced ceramics, the result is a blade that lasts up to 11 times longer than a comparable metal blade and never rusts.

“the new EDC Folding Knife offers our proprietary finger-friendly® blade”

Slice has always invested in cutting edge product design and careful engineering. We care about creating tools that push us forward in terms of what a tool can be. For us, the EDC community was a natural fit because they share our values: innovation, high-end materials, and sleek, modern design. – TJ Scimone, Slice founder and CEO

Made from high-grade, heat-treated steel and coated with heavy-duty black oxide, the 10495’s minimalist frame features spring-assist deployment and a locking liner. Keep it handy with its integrated lanyard hole and stay ready with its easy, no-tool blade change. Compact for portability and safe for life, this rugged tool is ready for Every Day.

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Since 2008, Slice, Inc. has been rethinking safe cutting. By leveraging the properties of advanced ceramics, Slice created the world’s first finger-friendly® blade edge. This remarkable technology reduces the danger of lacerations. Slice supports OHS professionals with safer tools and our Workplace Safety Blog

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