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Easy Unloading of Loose Packages from Trucks

Piab’s Vaculex branded ParceLift employees are relieved and productivity increased

For transport between sorting centers, parcel services load trucks loosely with packages, which must be unloaded manually. A high work speed is required, where every incorrect postures leads to injuries - associated with high sick leave, low productivity and low employee satisfaction.

Therefore, Piab’s ParceLift - a special tube lifter - can be easily integrated into the conveyor technology and inserted into the truck. Installed on a telescopic conveyors it relieves employees in cramped conditions.

With a load capacity of 40kg, it is ideally suited for differntly shaped heavy packages. Constructed from lightweight materials like carbon fiber composites it weighs only 5.8kg allowing for fast handling, resulting in increased productivity.

Loading and unloading of trucks with loosely packed parcels with Piab’s Vaculex branded ParceLift.


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