DuPont Personal Protection today announced the launch of its Nomex® global portfolio of fabric solutions, which have been developed to protect workers in the Oil & Gas, Utilities and Manufacturing industries from thermal and electrical arc hazards.  

New Nomex® global portfolio of fabric solutions from DuPont Personal Protection makes it easier to identify the optimum protection solution for thermal and electrical arc hazards commonly encountered in the Oil & Gas, Utilities and Manufacturing industries.

The new portfolio includes both new and existing Nomex® fabrics and is structured to simplify the process of PPE specification and purchasing, with fabrics arranged according to levels of risk. This makes it much easier for garment manufacturers and end users to identify the optimum solution: providing workers with the flame-resistant (FR) and arc-rated (AR) protection they need, along with the comfort and durability they deserve.

Among the new fabrics included in the portfolio is Nomex® Xtreme Arc, which combines arc flash and FR protection in a single solution. This double-weave, double-knit fabric achieves an ATPV of 12-19 cal/cm2 in a single layer and delivers high-quality, lightweight, comfortable protection. This new multiple protection option complements the existing essential, comfort and extreme fabric options already available within the Nomex® range and means even more workers will be protected in future.

Today, more than one million workers trust and wear Nomex® annually across the globe. All Nomex® fabric solutions within the new portfolio will meet or exceed international standards such as EN-ISO, for thermal exposures, electric arc and others. To ensure they deliver the utmost protection, DuPont™Nomex® fabric solutions are tested using the company’s ThermoMan® and ArcMan® evaluation systems. DuPont™ ThermoMan® is a life-sized mannequin system that is covered with 122 heat sensors, dressed in test garments and burned at over 1,200°C to ensure optimal product performance under simulated conditions. DuPont™ ArcMan® allows DuPont to measure how much protection fabrics and garments offer against electrical arcs that can generate temperatures of up to 20,000°C.

“Every year, industrial workers across the globe face severe injuries related to heat, flame, and electric arc flash incidents” said David Domnisch, global leader for DuPont Personal Protection. “With the new direction laid out in our DuPont Personal Protection business and our ability to globally service companies, we are fully focused on providing the latest safety solutions and innovations to our customers, based on the inherent dangers faced in their specific industry. Whatever the application, DuPont is dedicated to keeping the world’s workforce safe with products they can trust.”

The Nomex® global portfolio of fabric solutions is an extension of the DuPont Personal Protection Portfolio, which consists of Kevlar® aramid fiber for cut and mechanical protection, Tychem® garments liquid chemical and gas hazards, and Tyvek® garments

particulate and light splash hazards. Tychem® and Tyvek® garments for the Oil & Gas and Mining applications are also available through DuPont’s distributor network across the EMEA market.

DuPont Personal Protection is committed to making it easier for safety managers to specify garments that have been certified in the regions around the world in which they operate. The company continues to develop deep customer insights in the Oil & Gas, Utilities and Manufacturing industries and applies a scientific approach to provide tailored protection solutions for today’s global workforce.

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