Over 150 people from 14 different countries heard about IOSH’s new global vision for the future of occupational safety and health during an international conference held in Bulgaria.

Malcolm McIntyre (right), Chair of IOSH’s New Accession Countries working party, addresses the FCBZR conference in Bulgaria

The Institution presented about its 2017-2022 strategy, ‘WORK 2022 – shaping the future of safety and health’, to delegates at the Second International Conference on Safety and Health at Work, organised by the Center for Safety and Health at Work (FCBZR).

Through WORK 2022, IOSH is seeking to enhance the occupational safety and health profession, build strategic collaborative partnerships across industry and strengthen its influence globally through impactful research and development.

Stefan Bashev, manager of FCBZR, said he was “really inspired and delighted” to hear about WORK 2022 and IOSH’s aims and objectives over the next five years.

He said:

“I would like to express my respect and admirations to IOSH that despite the fact it is a UK-based organisation, it tries by all means and methods to help and support countries that are not part of the European Union and that are even situated in other continents.

“This belief of IOSH is also visible in the new strategy, which is proof for their true devotion and socially-responsible actions.

“I would like to wish to IOSH and its members enough will and capacity to implement this strategy and I am convinced that the measures, undertaken by IOSH, will have a sustainable effect globally.”

The presentation about WORK 2022 was delivered at the conference by Malcolm McIntyre, Chair of IOSH’s New Accession Countries working party (NAC).

Malcolm also highlighted the solar radiation phase of IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign to raise awareness of occupational cancers, and shared examples from IOSH’s Life Savings initiative of how businesses have saved money and improved productivity by investing in health and safety.

The conference took place in Obzor, Bulgaria, between 11-13 May, and explored the theme ‘invest in safety’. Among the other speakers was IOSH chartered member Derran Williams, principal health and safety advisor for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Malcolm said:

“This was a very well organised conference with a strong focus on how forward-thinking organisations realise that investing in health and safety can not only stop people from getting injured, but can be beneficial to the moral and financial stability of the organisation too.”

FCBZR also presented one of its members, Rumen Sholev, with a certificate of thanks during the conference in recognition of his effort to present about the No Time to Lose campaign to FCBZR members in 13 cities across Bulgaria throughout April.

Among those to hear about No Time to Lose were regional directors from the Labour Inspection of Bulgaria, while FCBZR is also due to promote the campaign during the General Assembly of the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria in June.

FCBZR is one of a number of organisations in the Balkans region to have pledged its support to the No Time to Lose campaign.

For more information about IOSH and WORK 2022, visit www.ioshwork2022.com. Further details about No Time to Lose are also available at www.notimetolose.org.uk