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Company Directors Fined €7,000 Each

Two foreign national construction site workmen suffered grievous injuries


Three directors and the foreman of a construction company were today fined €7,000 each, after two foreign national construction site workmen suffered grievous injuries linked to health and safety measures which were not adequate, resulting in the accused having to pay a total of a €28,000 fine between them.

Directors of Asfaltar Ltd, John, Paul and Ian Magro, 67,43 and 37 years of age respectively were charged by a Magistrate's Court with causing the accident by not taking necessary precautionary measures. The three, together with foreman Melvin Ellul, aged 34, were charged with not having taken necessary health and safety measures and for allowing scaffolding that was not in line with regulations.

The incident happened on 14 January 2011, when Branko Trisic and Goran Vugodanovic were working on the construction of the ICT building at the University of Malta. The two fell onto the rocks below them as they were handling the concrete drum, suffering from grievous injuries.

Injuries included fractured ribs, thigh-bone and shoulder on one of the workers whilst the other suffered from broken ribs, a bruised lung and fractured hip.

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