When the protective clothing design is not suitable for body shape, it would bring so much bothering and trouble to these wearers.

In this photo, the workers had to tie protective clothes up by tape to make them fitted their waists, or the extra fabric may affect their action.

If the workers adopt the ergonomic protective clothing design, which considered all needs during working movement. It is in line with the body shape; meanwhile, keep you enough space to do exercise.

ULTITEC Optimal Design

Fit on body ergonomically

3-piece hood and zipper fasten the edge of chin, The elastic perfectly embracing face curve and head shape can reduce the risk of exposure and seal fit the respirator and goggles.

Fully elasticated waist and Elasticated wrists and ankles which are suitable for body shape. It’s making work more convenient and avoiding particulates getting into clothing.

Freedom of movement

Ample crotch giving more space and sharing the pressure while squatting or crawling; so, can avoid pulling rupture and burst.

Sealed fit & safety

From the shoulder, sleeve to legs, the outline of body shape is no sewing which is to reduce the risk of contamination invasion.

Latex Free! The non-latex rubbers are sewed outside of cuff to reduce allergy attacks.