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Co Antrim Contractor Fined

Sentenced for failing to ensure safety measures were followed


A County Antrim contractor was today fined and sentenced at Belfast’s Laganside Magistrates Court for failing to ensure safety measures were not adhered to when moving a 1.8 tonne concrete slab.

Mr Andrew Scott, a self-employed contractor from Ballyclare, Antrim, was tasked with installing the precast concrete slab at Bryson Recycling Limited. During the lifting operation the concrete slab toppled over causing serious injuries to an employee of Bryson Recycling Ltd.

The incident occurred while changes were being made to the positioning of fabric slings that were being used to lift the concrete slab with a fork lift truck. The concrete slab became unstable and toppled over resulting in severe crush injuries to the injured persons leg and foot. A safer method of adjusting the slings would have been to set the slab in a stable position.

HSENI Inspector Anne Cassidy said: “The outcome of this incident could have been much more serious but was completely preventable had the lift been properly planned by a competent person.

“The dangers of lifting operations are well known and all employers should ensure they are carried out without involving risk to those carrying out the work or in the immediate area.”

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