Since December 24th the quality management of Bullard GmbH, Remagen, is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. The US headquarters is already certified for a long time and so is the European location now.

The vision of the manufacturer, who specializes in personal protective equipment for emergency responders and industrial applications, is to advance human safety to enable long, healthy and productive lives. To this end, the fifth-generation family-run company develops in collaboration with end customers innovative solutions, which fully meet customer requirements and legal regulations.

The commitment to quality is in Bullard’s DNA. To fulfill high expectations the quality management system is continuously improving. The company not only complies with safety regulations but is actively working on future industry safety requirements. One hundred years ago Bullard invented the first hard hat – the Hard Boiled® Hat – long before industrial head protection was actually required. Today, Bullard`s industry experts are active members in the relevant DIN and NIOSH committees serving as chair representatives in the United States to support and help shape  future safety requirements for the benefit of all workers.