The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) who are firmly established as the major independent voice of the British safety industry, are delighted to announce that they are adding the new Water Pollution Prevention Award to the longstanding suite of awards in the UK Safety and Health Industry.

The BSIP who help to both influence legislation and provide industry in general with a source of authoritative information on a range of workplace safety issues, are adding the award which will recognise the efforts made by business to protect the environment and ensure that all water pollution risks are managed in an effective and efficient way.

The award, supported by the Environment Agency, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and Natural Resources Wales will offer organisations a fantastic opportunity for your environmental efforts to be recognised, providing great PR both inside your business and to the wider market.

The award is open to all businesses and organisations operating in the UK and the BSIF are actively seeking entrants that can demonstrate a detailed understanding of their working environment in relation to preventing incidents that could lead to the pollution of the water environment, surface water* or groundwater**.

Entrants will be required to highlight:

  • Potential pollution risks / hazards identified
  • The consequences of not preventing pollution incidents
  • What improvement changes were made to business operations and how these were implemented
  • Training of staff including Health & Safety
  • Potential for replication

* Surface waters include rivers, lakes, lochs, loughs, reservoirs, ponds, streams, canals, ditches, including those that are temporarily dry, estuaries and coastal waters up to three miles offshore

** Groundwater is all water below the surface of the ground in the saturation zone and in direct contact with the ground or subsoil.

The Water Pollution Prevention Award will be based upon a submitted case study demonstrating how your company managed the risk of incidents that could lead to the pollution of the water environment, surface water or groundwater.

Once a company has registered they will be supplied with a template to enable them to submit their information and case study. The case study will go before an independent judging panel that will then create a short list of the entries. The winners will be announced on Wednesday the 29th of April at the Vox, Birmingham.

For more information on submitting an application, please speak with your Empteezy Sales Rep or visit