Bollé Safety wants to do its part to protect the planet. In 2021, the global brand for eye protection is kicking into high gear with their Go Green plan.

Sustainability: a long-term process

Bollé Safety’s products have been packaged in recyclable BPA-free plastic bags since 2005. But as a company selling millions of units annually, they wish to do more on every aspect of their production and distribution processes.

With the Go Green program, all of their eco-friendly improvements add up to reach one goal: become a certified B Corporation by 2023, and meet the most rigorous standards of environmental performance, for their stakeholders benefits.

Focusing on green research and development

Their R&D and production departments are committed to developing more environmentally- friendly materials, products and processes, while always preserving the quality and protection they offer.

Introducing the Ecopack: 100% recyclable packaging made from recycled cardboard and tissue paper. The user-instruction is printed directly on the overwrap with vegetal-based ink to avoid all plastic. By optimizing their product design, they also reduce the amount of raw material required during production, as well as the packaging weight. It produces 30% less waste than before, improving their carbon footprint during transportation.

More sustainable technologies and raw materials

Focus on eco-friendly products: SOLIS and KLASSEE. With its nylon frame made from 100% recycled fishing nets, SOLIS is EN166-compliant and embodies the company’s R&D effort towards sustainability. KLASSEE’s (prescription) bio-based frame is made from castor oil.

Extra efforts: By using the latest technologies, they also reduce energy consumption and waste production during manufacturing (injection, molding). Some of the coatings are water-based to reduce the use of chemicals when possible.

Sustainability has never been more necessary than today. It is time for action. This is the reason why Bollé Safety decided, as a company, to become more conscious.

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