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Biomonitoring Helps With Health and Safety

BAuA's 9th workshop explains biomonitoring and its uses in risk assessments


On 6 December 2017, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) is organizing the 9th workshop " Biomonitoring in Practice" at its Berlin location. This series of events focuses on biomonitoring in the event of exposure to hazardous substances at workplaces.

The workshop provides practical examples and suggestions for the use of biomonitoring within the scope of occupational health care and the risk assessment at workplaces. Apart from a strong reference to the practice, the lecturers also take into account scientific aspects in the planning of examinations and the interpretation of the results in their lectures. They also deal with questions of the legal and regulatory framework. An expert from Switzerland, who provides an overview of biomonitoring in the labor protection of his country, participates in the lecture program .

The workshop is aimed at occupational physicians and occupational physicians as well as physicians in further education as specialists for occupational medicine. Other stakeholders in the field of occupational health and safety who want to bring themselves to the current state of development in biomonitoring are welcome. The entire program is available at

The event is certified by the Medical Association of Berlin for six months with the medical training. It will take place on 6 December at BAuA Berlin, Nöldnerstraße 40-42. The participation fee is 125 euros, for students and doctors in further education to the specialist for occupational medicine 80 euros.

Registration is accepted by Gabriela Kunkel by 30 November, fax: 030 51548 4743, e-mail : . More information is available at and

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