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Anact to Release New Educational Game

New game to help improve working conditions


The "Work & Realities" gaming range consists of educational games designed to implement the methods tested by the Anact-Aract network in order to improve working conditions. It is a new modality developed by the Anact-Aract network to transfer its methods to the actors of the company.

The game has many advantages: participative, it creates collective and facilitates the appropriation by making the player actor of the step. It also makes it easier to deal with complex and difficult situations and to build operational solutions together.

The successful use of the "Integrate PHI in the Single Document" method in many companies of all sectors and sizes and its appropriation by many partners convinced Anact of the need to transfer it in a pedagogical, Easy access.

Board game, "Psychosocial risks in the single document" is the first-born of the range, it is designed to:

  • Help overcome apprehensions about PHI,
  • Acquire the approach of the Anact-Aract network,
  • Integrate real situations,
  • Develop actions to prevent PHI.

Its conception, its methodology, its rules of animation and many supports (videos, rules of the game, maps, booklet animator, ...) contribute to impulse a participative and constructive dimension to prevention.

This game is designed to raise awareness, train, accompany ... and allow players to regain the pleasure of talking about work and build together prevention solutions. It has been developed and tested with company actors.

It is aimed at prevention actors, employers, HR, CHSCT members, anxious to integrate the PHI in their single document and waiting for a tool to do so.

With its experience, the Anact-Aract network designed for them the game "RPS in the single document". It will be marketed at the price of 130 euros HT for sale on only.

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The National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions (Anact) is an administrative public institution created in 1973 governed by the Labor Code. Based in Lyon, it is placed under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of Labor. The aim of the Anact...