50% of UK Businesses use COSHH Management Systems Gives Them More Confidence in their Compliance

Giving them more confidence in their compliance


Around 50% of businesses say that using a COSHH management system gives them more confidence in their compliance with legislation according to a research conducted by leading COSHH management specialists, Alcumus Sypol.

The study, which involved 130 different businesses across over 25 industries, found that half of the companies had increased confidence in their COSHH compliance as a result of utilising Alcumus Sypol’s COSHH Management System (CMS). The biggest benefit of implementing the software is the time saved compared to writing COSHH assessments in-house, with 57% of businesses identifying this.

Commenting on the findings Moyna Merrison, Director at Alcumus Sypol said that utilising Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) software can contribute to business profitability, not just compliance:

“If you look at any good piece of software, it should always make a process simpler for the user. Whether that’s to save time, money or effort, software should always add some form of tangible business benefit.

The feedback shows that software is helping to make hazardous substance processes quicker, more robust and easier to manage. In turn, it is freeing up health and safety teams across the country so that they can focus more time on other aspects of their roles, which should ultimately make their business a safer place to work”.

“the biggest benefit of implementing the software is the time saved compared to writing COSHH assessments in-house”

Alcumus Sypol’s research also explored COSHH awareness levels within businesses, the biggest drivers and barriers to COSHH compliance and the potential rise in the use of smart technologies such as personal protective equipment (PPE) with integrated data recording capabilities.

While awareness of hazardous substances was portrayed to be in a good place, the biggest barriers to COSHH compliance within businesses were identified as a ‘lack of perceived threat’ and a ‘lack of awareness and education amongst staff’. This is despite the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recently reporting that there were 541,000 new cases of ill health in 2017/18 which resulted in over 26.8 million lost working days. This demonstrates that businesses still have a long way to go to educate their staff on the threats to health as a result of poor COSHH management and the financial impacts it can have on individuals, the business and the UK economy.

To read and download the full, free report please click here: https://www.alcumusgroup.com/hazardous-substance-management-industry-view

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