Our addressable Room Status Indicator is the next step in gas detection evolution. The status indicator allows you to show live readings of up to 8 detectors/devices in the specified rooms.

The system provides both a visual indication of the rooms current status, but also have built in sounders, to provide both a clear visual and audible alarm status. The door status indicator allows you to instantly know the current hazard in the room without confusing it with a fire alarm. The system provides clear unambiguous alarm indication.

A green light is displayed when the room is clear and safe of hazards (with current gas readings), a red alarm and sounder indicates a hazardous area (with a personalised warning message). The Indicators can also be fitted with slam switches and key switch options proving extra flexibility and safety coverage.

2-Wire Addressable Technology

The room indicator utilises the same technology as our ground breaking 2-Wire addressable systems, (watch our 2-Wire Intro Video on Youtube)using two core cables for both power and communication. The status indicators have up to 7 input and output options. This allows you to add additional detectors off the status indicator. The room status indicator also be programmed to interface to standard 4-20mA detectors. This means, temperatures, pressures, flows, in fact any sensor that has a 4-20mA output can be read onto a detector node and then displayed on a room status indicator.

More than this, the status indicators also have relays and digital outputs included allowing them to run additional illuminated signage, beacons, solenoids or door controls to further enhance site safety and leverage more benefits from your investment.