Zelinsky Group


Four manufacturers — Sorbent, Tambovmash, ARTI-Zavod and EHMZ named after N.D.Zelinsky — work under the brand of Zelinsky Group Ltd.
For more than 80 years, factories have been the leading developers and manufacturers of various means of individual and collective respiratory protection (PPE) – gas masks, respirators, self-rescuers, filter absorbers that meet the requirements of international standards and technical regulations. The deepest roots and outstanding history, valuable experience and ability to innovate – this is what unites the four manufacturers under one brand of Zelinsky Group Ltd.
The development of personal protective equipment is conducted on the basis of innovative principles using the latest materials and advanced technologies. Zelinsky Group has a goal – to protect the population in emergency situations and to provide industrial workers with the means of effective protection from exposure to hazardous chemicals. Currently, enterprises are leaders in the Russian market.
Zelinsky Group Ltd supplies components in an expanded range, necessary for the production of personal respiratory protective equipment, and also supplies chemical raw materials for the production of components. All products have military and factory acceptance for quality and meet all the declared standards, including the international ones.