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SAWO 2018 Show guide

Positive changes regarding occupational protection and safety

The rapidly growing economy, application of innovative technologies for manufacturing processes and growing awareness of risks result in a systematic and positive change in the field of health and safety at work, both with regards to the implementation of specific solutions for improving conditions and the development of a safety culture. Due to high risks of occupational accidents and work-related illnesses in many companies, this issue is still relevant. That is why investing in knowledge and improving safety at work is crucial for many companies. SAWO 2018 is an ideal spot for showcasing the achievements of foreign and Polish leaders in the OHS area.

SAWO is a unique event in our country aimed at protecting the life and health of people at work, which directly contributes to the introduction of the latest solutions in enterprises, thus improving the quality of work and occupational safety. The International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment, SAWO is the largest trade fair of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. It is an important and effective platform for business meetings and the exchange of information, complemented by an interesting agenda of events including conferences, shows and discussion panels. Innovative companies, investing in their development and contributing to current trends, present a wide range of products and services for the labour market. So far, 210 exhibitors from 26 countries (including Poland) have confirmed their participation, 40% of which are foreign. Still, new participants continue to register and the interest in the trade fair is constantly growing.

Good practices

The event for health and safety, firefighting and rescue professionals held in April is where to promote good practices and present the latest solutions and technologies. The quality of products offered at the fair, which is systematically being raised, substantive meetings and close cooperation with Exhibitors, Partners and Patrons are all a guarantee that this year SAWO will offer plenty of innovative solutions and provide participants with access to the best offers at exhibitors’ stands.

SAWO is not only a comprehensive offering and a professionally prepared exhibition space. An integral part of SAWO is a selection of carefully-tailored conferences, prepared in collaboration with institutions operating in the Polish labour protection system and industry media, which are very popular among visitors to the fair. The event’s quality results from the fact that speakers are practitioners who deal with the issues at hand on a daily basis. SAWO 2018 will include conferences run by such entities and institutions as: National Labour Inspectorate, Technical Supervision Office, Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute, National Association of Employees of Occupational Health and Safety Services, Regional Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Poznan.

It’s going to be interesting

This year’s edition of SAWO will be full of very interesting events, which will not only add value to the exhibition agenda, but also provide much excitement among participants. In addition to the conferences and demonstrations, it may be worthwhile reserving some time for the spectacular Hydroball competition. Trainings in the field of interior firefighting by means of solid or gaseous fuels are planned for the representatives of the firefighting sector. Moreover, the presence of FireGirls – models that co-create and promote iconic firefighting calendars – may also be a very attractive part of the fair.

Trust and support of industry authorities and central institutions, as well as state research institutes and media representatives, translate primarily into creating the safety of people and property in our country. Good cooperation results in an attractive agenda featuring substantive conferences and demonstrations for professionals, as well as the delegation of experts to competition courts. Thanks to that, every subsequent edition of SAWO is visited by an ever-growing group of professionals including heads and employees of the health and safety and fire protection services, distributors and traders, representatives of professional and voluntary fire brigades, as well as employers.


You’re warmly invited to come to Poznań for the SAWO trade show, which will take place from 24 - 26 April 2018.

To get a digital copy of the show guide, please click here.

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