Exceeds current safety standards by up to x3+

JSP Ltd, a British company based in Oxford, is recognised as a leading independent manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment, Spill and Janitorial Products and Road Safety Equipment. They are dedicated to developing quality, innovative products that meet the latest legislation and provide people with the protection and comfort they need in their lives and workplace.

JSP was established as a manufacturer of safety clothing and gloves in 1964 and has expanded its manufacturing bases over the years: through the early 1970s into Personal Protective Equipment and Road Safety Equipment, and in the 1990s into Spill Management Products. JSP now manufacture on three continents to enable greater flexibility and improved servicing of their local markets and work with their partners in over 85 countries.

Innovative R & D

As an independent company JSP recognises the need to continually bring out the newest and most innovative safety products to care for peoples’ needs in different applications. With this in mind JSP is committed to the highest level of investment in its proprietary research and development. Their highly dedicated research and development team have over 25 years of experience, and use a mixture of traditional and more contemporary techniques to improve existing products, and develop new ones.

Every JSP product is manufactured to conform to appropriate British, European, American and International performance specifications. Testing is carried out in their extensive BS EN IS09002 registered test laboratory.

JSP in the Middle East

JSP have been selling products into the Middle East region, via selected distributors, for over 25 years. These distributors help them to effectively cover all countries in this region including UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi, Oman, Iran, Syria, Yemen and Jordan.

The British designed MK2 helmet is the No.1 best seller in the construction market here. Also sold are MK3 Wheel Ratchet and MK3 Slip Ratchet in large numbers. JSP also sell respiratory products and ear defenders, and in the Road Safety sector sells lamps, cones and several barrier systems including the Titan.

In recent years the region has been subject to huge growth in both the Construction and Energy markets. However, the high investment in these areas has not been matched by the level of protection offered to the workforces involved. The levels of personal protection on offer to the workers is sometimes very low and often the products do not meet the minimum safety standards required. JSP’s goal is to increase the protection levels currently offered by Introducing quality products such as the MK7, Flexinet, Powercaps and Caspian goggle.

All round protection

The following is a perfect example of JSP’s philosophy protecting workforces well. Taken from an H&S bulletin published by Dutco Balfour Beatty-LLC on a project site in Dubai, it demonstrates that industrial safety helmets only being tested on the crown might not always be enough. JSP’s industrial safety helmets are always designed to provide all round protection, which is needed as the following shows:

“Our workers were engaged in shifting a mobile scaffold tower approximately six metres high. They had placed some cable trays and trunking on the suspended supports, which were to be fixed. As the scaffold tower was being shifted it accidentally hit the cable trays and the trunking fell down. A couple of workers were standing below. One worker looked up to see what was happening. The metal trunking was falling vertically above the peak of the helmet as he looked up. The corner penetrated through the shell causing a deep cut on his forehead, which was administered with three stitches later at the hospital. The victim basically escaped a fatal injury because of the good quality of the JSP industrial safety helmet that he was wearing.”

JSP safety margins

JSP industrial safety helmets (and other PPE products) are designed to achieve the maximum possible protection within the requirements of the European standards and real life situations. The current standard for an industrial safety helmet requires that less than 5,000N reaches the wearer’s neck, during the shock absorption test. In the test result shown opposite a peak load of 1,600N was recorded, 68% below the maximum allowable, or exceeding current safety standards by over 3 times!

Today, JSP’s safety products protect people in five continents around the globe. From stylish spectacles to robust goggles; sturdy helmets to effective ear defenders; specialised respiratory to protective clothing; JSP is skilled in answering the Middle East’s safety product needs.

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Published: 10th Feb 2008 in Health and Safety Middle East