The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and UAE Ministry of Education are working together to run a programme of activities for students and staff in educational establishments.

The Ministry has been confirmed as an official training provider by IOSH. Through a close working relationship with the Institution, it hopes to ensure people who work and study in campuses in the UAE Education Sector recognise the importance of safety and health.

The first phase of the programme of activities will see Safety and Health Officers assigned in all education establishments and trained in IOSH-approved courses. Phase two will target students and staff.

H.E. Eng. Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, the Ministry’s Undersecretary for Audit and Support Services, said they are looking to change the safety and health “culture” among the educational society.

He said: “We are trying to educate young people. We are trying to change the culture itself and push health and safety thinking into families through students.

“For us at the Ministry of Education, it is a good opportunity to work with IOSH. They are an organisation which is recognised across the world for its high standards and excellence. Their huge experience in this field will help us to create courses which are simple to deliver.”

He added: “Our main target and goal is to change students’ behaviour towards health and safety, as it should be part of their nature, growth and life. If they encounter any danger, any crisis, or any hazard they can deal with it smoothly.

“Ten years from today, we will have a new generation who will consider or implement health and safety to be part of their life.”

IOSH President Dr Karen McDonnell confirmed the two organisations had agreed to work together during the Institution’s annual conference. Al Hammadi and colleagues from the Ministry were present at IOSH 2016 at London ExCeL. Karen said IOSH was “delighted” to be working with the Ministry.

Dina Alkhalidi, head of customer engagement at IOSH, said: “Working closely with the Ministry on this initiative provides a fantastic opportunity to promote the importance of safety and health to people of all ages in the UAE and it’s great to support the UAE in delivering this awareness from a young age.

“IOSH and the Ministry will be working very closely and engaging with people in schools, colleges and other educational establishments in the UAE. We will seek to raise awareness of safety and health in the Emirates and educate people from a young age through to being an adult.

“People across all of the Ministry’s campuses will be fully trained and have good knowledge of how to be safe and healthy.”

Published: 13-09-16