Health and safety training is essential for all businesses across all industries, not to mention a legal requirement. Training staff, new and seasoned, in the latest safety regulations and accident prevention techniques is vital for your business success.

Now that so many people are working remotely, it is even more important to deliver specialised, at-homed health and safety training. Nevertheless, health and safety training can be monotonous and many employees fail to take in the information they need.

So, how can you make health and safety training more engaging for your employees?

Get hands on

Getting your employees involved in a visceral way will encourage engagement in a way that sitting down, watching a video or being talked at for hours on end won’t. If your employees are required to use machinery such as electric saws and the like, a practical demonstration and monitored practice session will help them to understand the safety precautions they need to take.

It could also help them retain the information more readily if they are a more practical learner. This is even more relevant if you work in a hands-on trade, as you will need your employees to know how to use machinery in practice safely.

Change the setting

Stuffy staff rooms or offices with dingy lighting are not the ideal environments for learning. If you want your employees to take in the health and safety information and training you’re providing, consider a change of scene to help facilitate their understanding.

This change of environment could make the session more memorable too, as being away from your regular place of business will enable staff to focus solely on the training and not their day jobs.

Encourage conversation

Training participants who are encouraged to provide input and work in dialogue with their trainers are often more likely to engage with the training material. Breakout discussions amongst groups keeps participants flipping between learning modes. This in turn could help them to memorise and absorb the information being provided.

Additionally, it encourages bonding between your employees and helps facilitate interpersonal connections needed to help your business thrive.

Make it interesting

Health and safety can be quite a dry topic. Although it’s essential for your business, employees might not find the material that interesting. If you provide original visuals, interactive elements and mentally engaging teaching methods, it could improve engagement in your health and safety training.

Using technology is a great way to keep things interesting. Whether you use interactive video training software or go all out and develop a health and safety training app, the more interesting it is, the more engaging it is.