Dear Readers,

Lo and behold, it’s come around again – ‘tis the season to be jolly!

With this being the last edition of Health & Safety International for 2017 we’re well and truly jetting down the slipway towards an ocean of parties, prosecco and presents! Spirits are raising and glasses are charging as people let their self-control slide, beginning the descent into a myriad of celebrations with family, friends and co-workers – all of which engineered to keep the winter’s woes at bay through any means.

But when we head back to the office there’s one present that’ll be worn by countless people all across Europe, and no, it’s not jewellery or new perfume. Instead, after all our festive indulgence, it’s that extra and inevitable winter weight gain. Like a trophy rewarding our gluttony, those extra pounds hang around like an unreturnable, ill-chosen novelty jumper gifted to you by a seemingly visually impaired relative; except unlike said jumper, you’ll probably be sporting this gift well into the new year.

If for some reason you wanted help steering away from this path of seemingly poor choices and general excess, you need look no further than our working at height article. It might seem hyperbolic to say that the extra piece of cake you’re eyeing up could cost you your life, but as Phil La Duke and Brian Keith explain in their article, if you work at height the extra weight amassed by devouring all your eyes can eat could push you over the limits of your fall arrest system.

Following our lead article on height safety are features covering everything from extending the life of your footwear, the impact of emotional behaviour on safety, European standards for industrial clothing, and safety requirements for welding professionals.

Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of Health & Safety International magazine over the last 12 months. We’ll see you next in 2018!

Make good choices,

Kimberley de Selincourt