Editor’s Note – July 2018

A warm welcome to our procurement guide edition

by Kimberley de Selincourt


Welcome to the annual procurement guide edition of Health & Safety International magazine.

Due to the sheer heat sweeping across Europe I can only apologise that this edition doesn’t come with a complimentary ice lolly. From sunburnt Brits to Swedish forest fires the mercury is certainly soaring, indeed many countries across Europe are forecast one of the hottest summers of the past decade.

Amidst our desires to escape the daily grind and bask in the sun, or retreat to a cool tree lined oasis, depending on your prerogative, there’s a darker danger to these daydreams: when distraction strikes, so do accidents.

As outlined in our slips trips falls article, it’s rushing, frustration and fatigue that are at the root of most accidents – whether in or out of the workplace. And while on the surface how people carry on in their own time may not appear to impact on their work; time off work for an injury will always costs a company money – whether the injury was incurred on or off the premises.

Also in this edition we feature in depth articles on chemical workwear and gloves, gas detection, fall arrest, and hearing protection; not to mention our guide to PPE procurement, as introduced by RSK’s Andrew Johnson.

Contrary to the film of the same name, some in fact do not like it hot. It gets to a point, at least for me, when – even if fleetingly – I come to actually quite miss being just a little bit chilly.

So on that note, stay safe out there, and see you on the other side of the summer for our September edition!


Kimberley de Selincourt


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