On 7 December 2017, the EU Commission published Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on Personal Protective Equipment Guidance document on the implementation of Article 47 on transitional provisions. This document stated a transitional period for PPE of one year starting from 21 April 2018, where both the old Directive and the new Regulation are applicable. As a professional protective clothing supplier, Derekduck’s products will strictly follow EU 2016/425 regulation. We keep working closely and will make sure to 100% follow the new EU regulation in a timely manner.

When talking about PPE products, the primary purpose is to protect workers’ safety. Ensuring the chemical protective performance of protective clothing not only requires in-house lab tests, but also independent tests conducted by a notified body. As the regulation for workplace safety is taken more and more seriously, PPE providers and Derekduck alike are putting more efforts into CE certification.

Before looking to CE certification and testing, buyers need to know what kind of risks are present in the environment. If there are multiple hazards in the workplace, the right protective clothing that will satisfy these demands need to be chosen. In the agricultural sector, for example, for workers dealing with pesticides or pesticide-related chemicals, the EU requires the protective suits to pass DIN 32781, the standard of pesticide protective clothing in German. It is essential to identify potential risks or hazards in a working environment to be able to choose the appropriate protective clothing.

Accumulated over decades of experience, Derekduck offers body protection solutions. Our product line includes dust protection, liquid protection, flame retardant and chemical protection. We are committed to providing the “right” protective clothing to each worker. Derekduck provides a series of product trainings to help its clients get to know the features and performance of the products, teaching them how to read the information and to apply it for selling and judging the situation. Furthermore, we also teach clients how to wear and take off coveralls appropriately.

Derekduck’s own protective clothing brand targeted at Asian customers, ULTITEC, launched in 2008 and merges the company’s manufacturing technology and experiences. To date, the ULTITEC brand has been marketed in 22 countries and regions in Asia. We want to learn the market needs and apply this directly, delivering on our commitment to improving worker safety in Asia. This way, we can respond to the needs that we have learnt of first hand and share those precious experiences with our clients.

ULTITEC protective clothing has passed safety tests for dozens of chemicals, you can contact our professional team for any further information by: