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Health and Safety International | Issue 1

Fall Arrest Equipment

Still the biggest cause of fatalities across industry is falls from height. See the table ‘Industry Falls for the UK’ that details incidents over the last few years and the actual heights.

Gas Detection Technology

There is an array of different sensors for different applications. Jörg Kühn explains the benefits and disadvantages of each kind and how to use them safely

Ozone - a Boon and a Plague

Ozone protects and threatens us at the same time: 15 kilometres above us in the atmosphere ozone protects us against dangerous UV beams - on the surface the aggressive gas threatens our health.

Protective Clothing for Industry

To try and cover all aspects of the modern field of protective clothing is an impossible task. Alex Gstettner discusses a couple of the newest innovations that have definite benefits for the industrial worker, both in safety and comfort.

Respiratory Protection for Industry

Industry can breathe easy with modern Respiratory Protection Equipment systems Whilst circumstances will generally dictate which form of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is most suitable to a particular application, recent technological advancements have meant that there is now much more of a choice within those parameters.

Working in Confined Spaces

The need to perform operations within Confined Spaces is a truly international problem. Each year millions of pounds are spent trying to remove the need to enter these spaces by changing processes, by designing out the spaces themselves and by the use of new technologies such as CCTV for inspection work.

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