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Health and Safety International | Issue 21

A Safe Pair of Hands

The use of disposable gloves in the general working environment is widespread. Indeed they are such a big part of our working lives that glove usage in Europe has increased, but most dramatically the US has increased from less than 1 billion to over 20 billion. We tend to use disposable gloves for either process protection from human-borne contamination or for personal protection and often for both reasons. However, as safety in the occupational environment becomes an increasing concern, do we really understand what level of protection we are getting?

Get a Foot Hold

Safety footwear risk assessment The use of safety footwear in the workpace can often be seen as a tricky issue for employers, but it really doesn't need to be if risk assessments are carried out and applied.

Hearing Protection

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth Hearing protection is your final stop on the journey to control workplace noise and prevent people losing or damaging their hearing. Only when practical and managerial controls to reduce the intensity and duration of noise exposure have been exhausted should you consider hearing protection as anything more than a temporary measure.

Protective Helmets

Design principles, safety and performance SATRA is one of Europe’s foremost European Notified Bodies for certifying protective helmets, and is able to carry out testing and EC type examination work using established European standards or in house developed test specifications. Deputy Chief Executive, Austin Simmons explains design principles and the tests involved.

R&D - Rip Off and Duplicate

The costs and benefits of low cost suppliers This article examines the experiences of a leading UK manufacturer of fall protection components, following their investigations into potentially sourcing from Asian suppliers and also as a result of seeing more Asian suppliers becoming direct competitors. It is not to justify or even support protectionism, as it seems inevitable that Asian suppliers will flood this (and pretty much every other) market and after all, any qualified marketer will tell us it is product lifecycle that dictates that as volume demand increases then supply inevitably drives prices down and opens the market up for low cost manufacturers.

Respiratory Hazards

Defending against the hazards of contaminated air When the very air that we breathe is contaminated how can we protect ourselves and defend against its hazards?

Streamlining Regulations

REACH is the EU Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals which entered into force on 1 June 2007. It places duties on all manufacturers, importers and users of chemicals in the European Union, and is aimed at ensuring adequate control of risks to humans and the environment from the manufacture, use and disposal of chemicals.

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